Too Close

Stacy Brungardt, CAE STFM Executive Director

Have you ever become so immersed in a project that you looked past items critical to the initiative’s success? My recent example of this is feedback I received on the STFM strategic plan. There’s nothing specifically wrong with the plan, but when our Foundation Trustees, who had not been involved in creating the document, reviewed the plan, the document failed to communicate the breadth, external linkages, or the importance of the initiatives the goals and strategies listed in the document.

What helpful feedback, particularly since we are in the early stages of communicating the plan to our members! To begin to address this, STFM President Jeri Hepworth, PhD, identified the larger themes that are implicit within our strategic plan. Check it out.

That brings up a key challenge for our staff and leadership. Combined, STFM and the STFM Foundation have more than 40 (yes, I counted) active programs and initiatives. We have liaisons to or are partnering with more than 20 organizations. How do we effectively keep our leaders, members, and even staff current on all these initiatives? That’s a tall order, but it’s one we are trying to tackle. Sharing expanded information on Board meeting discussions is one step among several tactics to demonstrate the important work that is happening within STFM. We’re working to make STFM communications vehicles tell more of our stories. Stay tuned.

Thank you for making the choice to be a member of STFM. It is an honor to serve you and the values you represent.

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