The Time Is Right for a New Logo

Jeri Hepworth, PhD STFM President

In October, your STFM Board of Directors asked staff to move forward with development of a new logo. I have to admit an affinity for our current logo. It’s friendly and comfortable, like STFM. It conveys our emphasis on family. However, it’s also dated and hard to read and doesn’t reflect the progressive, innovative organization STFM has become. In fact, during a recent communications audit, STFM members described the figures as play-dough people, aliens, and gingerbread men. And while we may like our 40-year-old play-dough people, they don’t communicate the level of professionalism earned by STFM and family medicine education.

Our messages to Congress point out the need for innovation in primary care training. Our new strategic plan challenges us to be the authority for innovation and research in family medicine education. Innovation is what’s driving family medicine education; our logo needs to send this same message.

I’m excited about the new doors that will be opened with the launch of a new logo. A “rebranding” campaign provides a rare opportunity to raise our profile and let our government, our colleagues, our students, and our patients know about the work we do to prepare the doctors who care for families. This is our chance to communicate that innovative family medicine education is the foundation of the health care system.

I invite you to be a part of the transformation. Shoot me an e-mail, or post a comment here to let me know what you think about the work we’re doing and the direction we’re taking. And please take a few minutes to vote on which logo you feel best represents the professionalism you and your colleagues bring to your job every day.

One response to “The Time Is Right for a New Logo

  1. Mary ElizabethRoth,M.D. FACPE

    Sorry, I don’t get either new logo. I understood the original as designed from a native American symbol for family by Lynn Carmichael M.D. . Many residencies adopted our logo to their jackets, stationery , etc. The new squirls have no meaning Just change for change sake? I vote against both new options.
    I am a family physician and respect the heritage that started STFM or the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine . The original STFM respected family medicine and did not boast of being scholars . I suspect the new generation of academic elites will change STFM to something that loses family medicine . The new logo’s lose the meaning in more than one way.

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