Continuous Quality Improvement and Defining Success

Stacy Brungardt, CAE STFM Executive Director

We’ve kept your President Jeri Hepworth, PhD, immersed in looking at ways we can improve STFM and our programs. She’s responded to this challenge by creating some teams of highly qualified members to help with this important task. Here are two teams at work for you.

Program Assessment Special Committee: This group is charged with the task of reviewing and evaluating existing STFM programs and initiatives to see if they are meeting member needs in a significant way.

Members of our special committee are:

  • Melly Goodell, MD, special committee chair, Franklin Square Hospital Center, STFM Board member at large
  • Scott Fields, MD, Oregon Health & Sciences University, STFM past president
  • Jeri Hepworth, PhD, University of Connecticut/St Francis FMR, STFM president
  • Dave Holub, MD, University of Rochester
  • Don Mack, MD, Ohio State University, fellow in the Emerging Leaders program
  • Rick Streiffer, MD, Tulane University, STFM secretary-treasurer
  • Mary Theobald, STFM vice president of communications and programs
  • Stacy Brungardt, CAE, STFM executive director

Strategic Plan Measurement Task Force: This task force will work on defining the metrics for how we will measure our progress and success of the strategic plan. For each priority and its strategies, the task force will be creating global and tactical measures to help us evaluate whether our activities are making a difference or need some help.

Members of our task force are:

  • Cathy Pipas, MD, task force chair, Dartmouth University
  • Perry Dickinson, MD, immediate past president
  • Paul Gordon, MD, communications committee chair

If we don’t define success and ask the tough questions about the impact of our programs, how else will we know if our work is making a difference?

Thank you for making the choice to be a member of STFM. It is an honor to serve you and the values you represent.

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