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Returning From Maternity Leave to Academic Family Medicine

WomenInFMThis is second in a work/life balance series written by members of the STFM Group on Women in Family Medicine.

Two weeks before return to work:

Elizabeth J. Brown MD, MPH

Elizabeth Brown MD, MPH

The house is a mess, laundry from a week ago still isn’t put away, and I haven’t showered in 3 days. As I nurse my son while helping my daughter on the potty, I wonder how we will manage when I go back to work. Will laundry ever get done? Will we eat something other than waffles and eggs for supper?

As I plan my re-entry after child number two, I feel torn. I love being home with my kids, but I enjoy my job as well. Could I really be a full-time, stay at home mom? Some days I think yes, but then I know I would miss teaching medical students, caring for patients, and delivering babies, and I don’t think it would be right for me.

When I came back to work after my daughter was born, I went home and nursed her during lunch in the beginning, and I think it helped me readjust. This time I can’t do that. Our childcare is too far away. I hope my son will take a bottle and sleep.

I’m hesitant about our childcare situation. Will both children thrive? Feel loved? I know I can’t micromanage the small stuff, and our provider does things differently.

Two weeks post return to work:

Well, I am back. Continue reading