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Growing the Impact of Family Medicine Through Advocacy

Nicholas Cohen, MD

Nicholas Cohen, MD

Since medical school, I have seen the unrivaled value family physicians provide to the patients they see. I was unaware—until this month—of the impact family physicians can have beyond their clinic walls on the health of their community at the local, regional, and national level. Our potential impact in this expanded sphere became clear to me on a visit to Capitol Hill with the Family Medicine Congressional Conference.

 What is the Family Medicine Congressional Conference?

FMCC attendees outside the office of Senator Sherrod Brown, D-OH.

FMCC attendees outside the office of Senator Sherrod Brown.

It is a 2-day conference in Washington, DC, open to anyone in family medicine. Day one I learned about the current priorities in family medicine and received practical, hands-on training in advocacy. Day two I visited  members of  Congress with others from my state in prearranged meetings to engage legislators in issues important to me and my patients.

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