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I Have a Confession

Cheryl Seymour, MD

Seymour, MD

WomenInFMThis is the fourth in a work/life balance series written by members of the STFM Group on Women in Family Medicine.

The ACGME Draft Program Requirements for GME in Family Medicine include a requirement that all core faculty work full time. Please consider the implications of this requirement for your program now and in the future as you read this post.

So I have a confession… I really do want it all.

Doesn’t everyone?

I want to practice full spectrum family medicine: deliver babies, round on the floors and in the ICU, care for families in the clinic, nursing home, and at home and I want to teach residents and students, have a vibrant academic career, serve as an advocate for the health of my community and I want to be an engaged and loving parent and spouse.

Is this possible?

My mentors and heroes are physicians who have delivered three generations of babies, attend funerals as a matter of course, and have literally spent thousands of hours listening to residents’ H&Ps in the middle of the night. They have served the same community for decades and are still going strong, taking call without complaint, into their sixth and seventh decades.

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STFM’s Secret Is Out: We Care About Research

Stacy Brungardt, CAE STFM Executive Director

Stacy Brungardt, CAE
STFM Executive Director

Psst…want to know a secret? STFM wants to be the authority in innovation and research in medical education. Kind of cool, right?

The problem is, this really isn’t supposed to be a secret. Despite our commitment to research in activities and dollars, STFM can improve on communicating how high a priority this is for the Society. Our interest in research generally remains a secret that is known only to those who sit on our Research Committee and Board of Directors. For the sake of the discipline, STFM needs to be seen as a leader in promoting research activities that have an impact and a place where faculty are inspired and learners are engaged in the generation of new knowledge.

To gain this presence, we need the right combination of scholars and resources, and, yes, communications about what we are doing. We have some brilliant scholars within our membership who work hard to review journal manuscripts, develop skill building research sessions at our conferences, and collaborate with CAFM Educational Research Alliance PIs.

For the resource piece, STFM invested more than $300,000 last year to advance scholarship through the following initiatives:

  • Family Medicine – Submissions continue to rise for STFM’s flagship journal.
  • Annals of Family Medicine – STFM is third largest financial contributor to Annals.
  • Grant Generating Project – STFM is one of three financial partners in the Grant Generating Project.
  • CAFM Educational Research Alliance – Currently six manuscripts have already been submitted for publication from CERA, and we anticipate several more within the next 2 months. This is all within the first year of existence of CERA. We’ve only scratched the surface of the potential of this initiative.
  • Fifty four podium presentations and 180 posters at our annual meeting – including skill building sessions and educational and clinical research findings. Every year, one of our four plenary slots is reserved for research. We also have dozens of research posters at our other conferences.
  • Best Research Paper Award – The list of research leaders on this list is impressive.
  • Research Advocacy – This is still in its infancy, but advocacy for increased research funding is now an advocacy priority for the family.
  • National Research Network – Our Conference on Practice Improvement is the home for presentations and meetings of the National Research Network. We see a great linkage between practice improvement and the translation of the research coming out of the network.
  • Family Medicine Research wiki – The Group on Research in Residency offers a great but relatively unknown resource to help build research capacity. Topics include: Getting Started with Family Medicine Research, Journal Clubs & Critical Appraisal, Scholarly Projects in Residency Training, IRB Issues and Participant Safety, Writing A Research Paper, Reviewing a Manuscript, and more.
  • Management Contract with the North American Primary Care Research Group – STFM provides the staff to run NAPCRG. We do this because we believe that NAPCRG can do things that STFM can’t to advance the generation of new knowledge.

There is much more that needs to be done to move forward the scholarship of our discipline. STFM should lead research initiatives that align with our educational mission and collaborate with others to develop our faculty and learners’ skills in educational research and innovation.

Please help us spread the word.