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Day in the Life: My Visit With OHSU and STFM’s President-Elect

Stacy Brungardt, CAE STFM Executive Director

Stacy Brungardt,
STFM Executive Director

Most of you will not have the opportunity to serve on the staff of an amazing nonprofit organization like STFM. This is the first of a new blog series that will highlight some behind-the-scenes work at our staff offices and with our members to transform health care through education.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10:35 am PT
Hello Portland, Oregon! Picked up by STFM President-Elect John Saultz, MD, at the airport. (Pretty nice to have the incoming president meet me at the airport!) Great lunch at Mother’s—I highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich and homemade rolls. A brief Oregon Health and Sciences University tour set the tone for good conversations throughout the day. This visit had dual purposes: for John and me to discuss our STFM work for the upcoming year and for me to see and hear some of the amazing work going on in the Oregon family medicine department.

1–3 pm       
Met with John. This is where John and I began the first of several conversations about how we’re going to work together to move the strategic plan forward using his specific talents and interest. Getting a glimpse of members’ offices is a side benefit that shares insight into a person’s personality.

3–4 pm    
Met with first-year family medicine residents. This was a treat. I meet a lot of faculty but don’t get to interact with residents very often. This group of bright doctors was willing to share their thoughts about teaching and how they see themselves (or don’t) in this role. Thank you for your time and candor.

4–4:15 pm 
Surprise visit with second-year resident Laurel Witt, MD. I coached Laurel when she played for Power Angle Juniors, her high school volleyball club team. What a pleasure to reconnect after all these years. I’m still proud to have been a part of her life.

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