Pecha Kucha: A Special Families and Health Blog Series


This is is part of the Pecha Kucha: A Special Families and Health Blog Series.

What can you learn in 6 minutes and 40 seconds? Is this enough time to deeply listen to the person in front of you? Can you walk away with a new idea, a challenging proposition, motivation to learn more? We think so! Pecha Kucha is a structured approach to presentations that allows 20 images with 20 seconds of talk time for a presenter to use to communicate with an audience. Pecha Kucha gives us just shy of 7 minutes to engage and learn something new.

Fogarty Colleen MD 103 300print

Colleen Fogarty, MD, MSc

I am delighted to introduce a series of blog posts co-hosted (and co-posted!) by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) and the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA).  Both organizations are near and dear to my heart. STFM, founded in 1967, boasts a tagline of “Transforming health care through education” and as a professional home for family medicine faculty from multiple many disciplines, achieves that mission daily. ( CFHA, founded in 1995, “promotes comprehensive and cost-effective models of healthcare delivery that integrate mind and body, individual and family, patients, providers, and communities.” (

This series of blogs is based on a seminar presented at the 2018 STFM conference, in which the presenters, Randall Reitz, PhD, LMFT, Amy M. Romain, LMSW, ACSW, Valerie Ross MS, LMFT, and Daniel S. Felix, PhD, LMFT used the Pecha Kucha format to provide an engaging, visually stimulating overview of important concepts from family systems theory.

Understanding the concept of shared family beliefs allows a physician to recognize when a certain lifestyle change might be easier or harder for the patient sitting in front of them.  

Family physicians we should make a clear stand for the importance of family systems approaches. Otherwise, we are glorified (or un-glorified) internists who sometimes deliver babies and see kids!   

Posts in this series:

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