Inspiring, Career Informing, and Irreplaceable

Isabel Chen_F4TScholar2017

Isabel Chen, MD, MPH

Inspiring, career informing, and irreplaceable—these words barely capture the rich and humbling experience of serving in STFM leadership. Taking on the dual role of Resident Representative and Graduate Medical Education Committee member gave me the insight and voice to advance the breadth and impact of our specialty and I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity.

When I started my term, I felt welcomed wholeheartedly by the board and the committee. I found like-minded mentors and role models committed to advancing the training of this country’s primary care workforce so that it serves our trainees, our patients, and our communities at large. These leaders and change agents embodied the best of family medicine and it was an honor to join their company.

This past year was a well-rounded experience for leadership development. Committee work included creating tangible deliverables to STFM members, like our Residency Faculty Fundamentals Certificate Program, and participating in research projects and conference presentations. Serving on the board challenged and strengthened my strategic and organizational skills. I strongly recommend the experience to any trainees passionate about the recruitment, training, and future of our workforce and our impact on this country’s health and wellness!

While I am already mourning the end of my tenure, I think about how deeply STFM has shaped my career path and I look forward to a long career as an active STFM member!

Thank you to all in the STFM family for making this an unforgettable year.

One response to “Inspiring, Career Informing, and Irreplaceable

  1. Thanks Isabel for your comments. Many who have served in the role of resident rep have gone on to be leaders in our discipline. I anticipate that you also will continue to provide leadership and make significant contributions to the growth and development of Family Medicine–Ed Shahady Past President.

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