Now and Then


Nancy Baker2017.JPG

Nancy J. Baker, MD

We travel
in two dimensions,
living in time and place
experiencing life and death.

Now and here
or then and there.
What about now and there
and then and here?

Pancreatic cancer
means then is now,
there is here

Old age
implies then, not now,
remote from here
and unimaginable.

What if we live
as if today is our last?
Is now forever
and there everywhere?

The paradox of
now there and then here.
Impermanence means
take nothing for granted.

Heaven on earth
now and then,
here and there.

4 responses to “Now and Then

  1. Elaine Soper, PhD

    Great spiritual lesson for all of us, not just patients!

  2. Edith Lauerman

    Powerful poem! Clever use of paired words and profound ideas!

  3. Wow! I love it.

  4. Thank you, Nancy, for this thoughtful poem.

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