Everybody Oughta Make a Change

Change in the weather, change in the sea,
Come back baby, you’ll find a change in me.
Everybody, they ought to change sometime,
Because sooner or later we have to go
down in that lonesome ground.—Eric Clapton

Listen to the song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc954MtcJkA

Stacy Brungardt, CAE STFM Executive Director

Anybody out there love Eric Clapton? What a talent to be an artist who can entertain and give a message.

This song speaks to the value of change. At STFM, we’re working to embrace change, not just for the sake of change, but because you can either react to change or be proactive and guide change for the future you envision.

How are we doing this? By scanning the environment, asking tough questions of ourselves, talking to stakeholders outside our leadership, and taking a hard look at what we do well and what we strive to become.

For example, we’ve taken on online education. We’re not great at it yet. It takes us a long time to develop online programs, and we don’t have great processes in place for measuring their relevance to members. But we believe that STFM has to be great at providing other types of education beyond our outstanding meetings, so we’re willing to struggle through this learning.

Changing our logo is another example. After thoughtful research and conversations, we realize the logo doesn’t communicate the level of professionalism that STFM and this discipline should expect. We plan to celebrate how well our logo has served us and give it the retirement it deserves. You can expect to see some new logo ideas in February.

My New Year’s resolution for STFM is to preserve what is special about STFM and make the right changes for moving the Society forward.

Thank you for making these changes with us. It is an honor to serve you and the values you represent.

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